Recommendations for Harvesting and Shipping Live Pet Tissue without Kit

Step 1: Obtain three or more sterile bottles for preserving and transporting the tissue samples. Bottles may be plastic or glass approximately 10 ml or 1 oz. size. Bottle size may vary if tissue is submerged in saline solution. Each bottle needs a screw cap that can be securely tightened to prevent leakage.


Step 2: Prepare the transport media from standard 0.9% isotonic saline solution.


Step 3: Choose a site on the scruff of the neck or other area where the skin is relatively loose.


Step 4: Closely shave the appropriate area; remove as much hair as possible to minimize contamination.


Step 5: Inject Lidocaine subcutaneously in the center of the sterile area to accommodate two (4 to 6 mm) skin punches or another surgical instrument.


Step 6: Perform sterile skin prep.


Step 7: Obtain one full-thickness skin biopsy. Try to maximize the amount of skin tissue and minimize the amount of fatty and other non-skin tissue. Suture after collecting if needed.


Step 8: Place the tissue biopsy in the first bottle for shipping. Repeat the procedure. Collect at least two samples.


Step 9: Secure the lids on the medium bottles or vials firmly.


Step 10: Label bottles with owner and pet's names, species and date collected.


Step 11: Procure an insulated container such as a Styrofoam box and one or more ice gel packs for shipping tissue.


Step 12: Place the two medium bottles containing the skin tissue samples in the insulated box with the ice gel pack(s). Package needs to maintain temperatures between 35° and 45°F (2° to 5°C) for 72 hours. Make certain the ice gel pack is frozen. Do not use dry ice.


Step 13: Place corrugated cardboard or Styrofoam layer above ice pack to avoid direct contact between tissue and ice pack.


Step 14: Place the insulated container in the cardboard box as required by courier companies. Please do not ship by the US Post Office.


Step 15: Immediately transport the package by priority overnight courier to:


Dr. Raymond Page

PerPETuate, Inc.

Life Science and Bioengineering Building/WPI

60 Prescott Street

Worcester, MA 01605




Step 16: Please provide PERPETUATE the courier's tracking number by email ( or telephone (508-641-7775).


Ice Gel Packs

Styrofoam and Cardboard Boxes

Insulated Cooler

Ice Gel Packs