PERPETUATE, the world's first and foremost pet genetic preservation company, was founded in 1998. This followed Dolly the sheep being cloned in 1996 and initiation of livestock genetic preservation and cloning in 1997.


PERPETUATE┬áhas since cultured and cryopreserved viable cells from exceptional cats, dogs, horses and other animals from more than 30 countries. Cloned dogs were first produced from cultured PERPETUATE cells in South Korea in 2009.  Since then more than seventy cloned puppies have been produced South Korea and the USA.  In 2016, the first commercially cloned kittens were produced from PERPETUATE DNA.


Ron Gillespie, President


PERPETUATE, INC is owned and managed by its co-founder Ron Gillespie.  Ron has worldwide experience in animal production, genetics and business development. He is a graduate of the University of California-Davis. Ron is a pet lover and owns a cattle ranch.

Raymond Page, PhD. Laboratory Manager


PERPETUATE'S laboratory in Massachusetts is managed by Raymond Page PhD. He is a prominent bioengineering scientist and professor. Ray is a graduate of Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. While with PPL Therapeutics, Ray was a member of the team that cloned the first pigs in 2000. Ray has two dogs and a horse.