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"... what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ...
all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
- Helen Keller

Pets are truly a part of us, our best friends and when we lose a best friend, we lose something that understands, accepts, and loves us unconditionally. They are gone all too soon. This leaves a hole in our lives that can't be easily filled.

PERPETUATE can't promise a lifetime, but we can promise to cryopreserve genetics from your pet that may be used to clone these exceptional animals when pet cloning becomes technically and financially more feasible.

PERPETUATE's vision lies in the future, represented by the ultimate breeding technology and presenting distinctive breeding opportunities to produce extraordinary, matchless, one of a kind, physically superior, brilliant, and innately talented replacements for lost pets. Unlike careful breeding, where only half of the desired genetic traits can be transferred to the new kitty or puppy, cloning transfers all of your pet's genes to cloned kittens and pups!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of pets are neutered thereby eliminating the opportunity for passing on desired genetics through normal breeding. However, cloning combined with transgenics will enable us to perfect exceptional pets! For example, combining transgenics and cloning could reduce or possibly eliminate hip dysplasia in canines.

All this begins with the preservation of your pet's genetics in a simple, four-step process:

1. Tissue samples are collected from your pet by a veterinarian.
2. The tissue samples are shipped overnight to the laboratory.
3. Cells containing DNA are grown from your pet’s tissue samples in the laboratory.
4. Then cells containing your pet’s genetics are stored in PERPETUATE Bio-Kennels.

PERPETUATE is the first and foremost pet genetic preservation company in the world. Since it was founded in 1998 by Dr. Heather Bessoff and Ron Gillespie PERPETUATE has developed cell lines from pets in more than 30 countries. More pets have been cloned from cells preserved by PERPETUATE than any other company.

PERPETUATE is a privately held company that combines real world experience with innovative biotechnology. PERPETUATE is in partnership with RP Consulting in Worcester, Massachusetts. The President of RP Consulting, Dr. Raymond Page is a prominent animal cloning scientist who is supported by staff with extensive cell culturing experience.

When you're ready to preserve your pet's DNA, shouldn't you allow the world's foremost company to aid you in replacing that missing part of your life?

To enter your special pet in our program, call 808-989-2028

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